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- July 2014

DRY Ideas: Facing the California Drought Head On - April 2014


As the weather heats up, it’s a good time to think about water conservation – especially since this year has brought very little of the wet stuff so far. But don’t worry – the Santa Clara Valley Water District is here to help. Whether you manage an office complex, a hotel, an apartment building or a manufacturing facility, we have a program that can help you save water and money.

Indoor Water Conservation Measures

Get a new toilet – on us

Commercial Rebate Program
Custom (Measured) Rebates

Commercial kitchen water-efficient
sprayer for free

Outdoor Water Conservation Measures



Energy & Sustainable Management Committee


Get the recognition YOU deserve!

Enter the Earth category of the prestigious TOBY Awards.
The Outstanding Building of the Year award in the Earth category recognizes sustainable management of commercial real estate.

Visit the Earth Awards page for all the criteria, judging forms
and prep documents to create your winning entry.

They are Looking for YOU!
Save money, time, and increase your property value.

If your commercial property falls in the green area of this map, local environmental nonprofit, 
Our City Forest, has a grant that can help your business!

For more information, read the BOMA SV Corridors newsletter article  or contact

Can you help?
Office/Warehouse Space Needed!

The award-winning local nonprofit responsible for gracing San José’s streets, schools and parks with upwards of 65,000 shade trees over the past 20+ years is in desperate need of in-kind office space.

Our City Forest’s 40 staff and service members need either one large space or two smaller spaces/warehouses totaling at least 5,000 sq. ft.  The City of San José which currently houses the non-profit has run out of room for the group.

To help, please contact Rhonda Berry at 408-799-9502 or email

Since 1994, Our City Forest has been the leading nonprofit in Silicon Valley for urban forestry and environmental education.  They have raised $10+ million in non-City funding to improve our urban forest and the health of our city.  Click here to find out more about Our City Forest and their programs.

Power Down: Unplucked!

Power Down:  Unplucked! encourages co-workers to turn
off their devices when leaving their workspaces.
If employees forget to unplug or power down their
devices—”fowl” play—they’ll find a rubber chicken on
their desk with tips for how to reduce energy waste.

Email Templates

For more great energy saving campaigns for you and your tenants, visit

California's Drought

Responding to California's drought is all of our responsibilities.  As commercial property managers, we must be steadfast in conserving our most precious resources and we rely on the expertise of our landscape vendors to accomplish this.  Are you doing all you can to conserve water?  Click on the links below from to make sure you are doing all you can both at work and at home.

Water saving ideas for the Indoors:

Water saving ideas for the Outdoors:

A Flex Alert is an urgent call to Californians to immediately conserve electricity and to shift demand to off-peak hours (after 6 p.m.). The Flex Alert campaign is an educational and emergency alert program that informs consumers about how and when to conserve electricity.  (Click here to sign up or learn more about FlexAlerts.)

What does that mean for commercial property managers?  You can sign your building up for Demand Response Program incentives from your utility.  Demand Response Programs typically provide incentives and other benefits to business owners who can reduce/curtail their facilities energy use during times of peak demand. These programs help ensure reliable and affordable power for all Californians and are available to most commercial customers and some residential customers. 

The Flex Alert page for businesses has links for all utility rebate and incentive programs to assist you in reducing your energy consumption, especially during Flex Alerts.

Watch the Flex Alert Button on this page and the BOMA Home Page.  When it turns orange, do your part to save energy (and save money)!

Girl Scouts of Seattle, Washington support BOMA's Sustainability Efforts

BOMA's Sustainability Page has a far reaching impact!  Girl Scouts in Seattle, Washington working on their Go Green! badges found our resources to be so helpful that they asked to join in by offering us a resource link.  After receiving agreement by the content creators, BOMA is pleased to present

"Going Green in Your Home"

Thank you, Scouts!

Unwanted E-Waste Options

When all the presents have been opened – and hopefully everyone got what they wanted – the question may arise – "What do we do with all of the old, unwanted E-Waste (electronic equipment)?"  To find out more, click here.

Find out about waste diversion programs in your area!

As we all know, waste diversion and pick up for commercial buildings are largely driven by the municipality you are located in. To help you navigate the waters and maximize your building's waste diversion, the Energy and Sustainable Management committee has put together summary sheets providing the basic information on waste diversion programs by city.

Click here to find the information on recycling opportunities and tools available in your area.

Green Product Suggestions



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