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President's Message

During my property management career in Phoenix, AZ I managed a property called Madison Square.  Senator John McCain was a tenant at Madison Square for many years. I had the honor of being the property manager for this site while he was a Tenant from 2006 – 2009.  More important, I was the property manager when he was the Republican Party Presidential Nominee in 2008 against Barack Obama. He added an additional suite at Madison Square for his Southwest Regional Headquarters Campaign Office. 

They held a rally in the suite hosted by John McCain and his wife Cindy McCain. Prior to that rally I had to supply building drawings to the Secret Service and tour the entire project top to bottom of both buildings with Secret Service. They also had temporary metal detector at the entrance of the building for this event. A totally new experience for me. 

On election night, my team including my Chief Engineer was invited to their private election night event at The Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria Resort. Even though it was a somber event due to the defeat, it was still a pretty cool experience.

Over the last year I have been following his fight with brain cancer. Being an Arizona resident for 10 years, Senator McCain became part of my ongoing interest in the political world. Cindy McCain is also a big staple of Arizona, as she is the Chair of Hensley Distribution which is based in Phoenix and is one of the largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributors in the United States. 

Due to my relationship with Senator McCain and all his staff over the years, his passing was pretty emotional for me.  I watched all the coverage of his lying in State, funerals and eulogies.  No matter your political views, I am pretty sure we can all agree he was passionate about the United States and proved that over and over throughout his life.  RIP Senator John McCain.

President, BOMA Silicon Valley

Volunteer Recognition Awards Ballot

Please take a moment to reflect on your past years of experience with BOMA Silicon Valley.  There are notable individuals who have dedicated much time and resources to the benefit of our local association.  Because such appreciation often goes unsaid, please take a moment now to nominate a candidate for the “Principal Member of the Year” and the “Associate Member of the Year”.  Consider years of involvement with BOMA Silicon Valley and commitment and outstanding contributions. 

It is recommended not to re-nominate a previous winner.  Officers are not eligible for nomination.  Nominations will be reviewed and voted on by the Board of Directors.  (Only members of BOMA SV in good standing may nominate).  Please return the ballot to the BOMA office by September 21, 2018.

Click here for more details and the ballot.

SV Business Journal Structure Awards - Sept. 20

Join the brightest of Silicon Valley's real estate scene @SVbizjournal Structures Awards September 20 #SVBJStructures. http://bit.ly/2Pewfto We'll reveal top players in commercial real estate, development, construction, & more. Read about our winners http://bit.ly/2Mv4hMU

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Emerging Leader Dues Award

Deadline: September 30th

The Emerging Leaders Committee has opened applications for the 2018 Emerging Leaders Dues Award Grant.  The award offers a one year membership for a qualified existing or potential Principal member of BOMA Silicon Valley.

To qualify the candidate must have less than 7 years' experience in commercial real estate Property Ownership, Management, Leasing or Building Engineering.  Additional requirements are detailed in the Application.  Applications and all documentation must be submitted to BOMA no later than September 30, 2018.

Upcoming Events

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Sep 20 Quarterly Luncheon
Accommodation:  What you have to Allow and What you have to Do
Sep 27 Fall Mixer - The Share Show
Oct 4 Emergency Preparedness Workshop
Oct 12 Celebration of Commercial Real Estate/TOBY Awards
Nov 2 Ethics is Good Business
Nov 15 Quarterly Luncheon
How Washington, D.C. and Sacramento will Impact Your Properties in 2019
Dec 7 Share Your Holiday Luncheon

Summer Mixer

The Summer Mixer presented by the Emerging Leaders was held on August 23rd. With approximately 100 in attendance the event was a great success!

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