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President's Message

Back to school, back to work! Hope everyone had a wonderful summer.

Commercial real estate continues to Boom, deals are happening fast & furiously with multiple offers on almost all product types.
Our drought continues to be of major concern and after listening to our August lunch speakers, Jim Wollbrinck, Security and Emergency Preparedness Specialist for the San Jose Water Company and Jim Turner, Executive Director for the California Resiliency Alliance, it was hard to not come away being even more concerned! Difficult to imagine we might be in the opposite predicament next year with the anticipated El Nino!

This year has flown by, only a few short months left of 2015 and of my presidency!


2016 Board Election

As per BOMA Silicon Valley bylaws, on September 17, 2015 BOMA will hold its Annual Meeting.  This year the meeting will be an evening Open House at the BOMA office.  At the Annual Meeting, members will elect the 2016 Board of Directors.  Only Principal members in good standing may vote for the Board.  (The Associate Representative to the Board has already been elected:  Harris Ginyard of Statcomm will represent the Associates on the 2016 Board.)  Specific instructions for the election will be emailed to all eligible Principal members prior to the Annual Meeting.

PRESIDENT: Rebecca Barnes
Barnes is the current Vice President for BOMA Silicon Valley. In addition to her role on the Board, she chairs the Philanthropy Committee and was 2015 Chair for the Sherie Dunn Memorial Golf Tournament. She is a Senior Property Manager with LBA Realty.
Ornelas is a General Manager with Swift Real Estate Partners. She has served as our BOMA Silicon Valley Treasurer since 2014.  She has volunteered on the TOBY Awards Committee and served as Awards Committee Chair in 2013 and 2014. 
SECRETARY: Kristen Schneider
Schneider is a Manager of Operations for the Irvine Company. She currently serves as Secretary on the Board and in 2014 served as a Director. She organized and worked on the Board Programs Site Task Force.
TREASURER:  Noreen Gillespie
She has been a BOMA Silicon Valley member for 11 years. She served as a 2015 Board Director. She currently Co-chairs the Awards Committee on which she has served for three years. Gillespie is a Property Manager at Embarcadero Realty Services LP
DIRECTOR: Tiffany Lachlan
Lachlan is a Senior Property Manager for Hudson Pacific Properties. She was a member of BOMA Phoenix 2007 – 2015.  Her past BOMA volunteering experience includes BOMA Phoenix Board of Directors 2012 – 2015, as well as past chair of their Professional Development and Membership Committees. She has also judged and been an awardee in the TOBY program.
DIRECTOR:  Randy Shuayto
He is the current Co-chair for the Awards Committee. He has also participated in the TOBYs, winning an Earth Award in 2013.  Shuayto is a Property Manager for Hines at Facebook.
DIRECTOR: Gizelle Lamb
Lamb is a Senior Property Manager with J.T. Wakimoto Management. She served as 2014 BOMA President. As a BOMA volunteer she has participated and chaired on several committees including Education and Share Your Holiday
2015 President Anna Mcquillan Rose will assume her role as Immediate Past President for 2016. Rose is a Vice President, Broker with Transwestern.

The 2016 Board will be installed during the October 15 Celebration of Commercial Real Estate

Honoring Our Volunteers

The Board of Directors has announced the volunteers who will be honored at our October 15 Celebration of Commercial Real Estate luncheon.  The early announcement of these awardees is being made to allow members, colleagues and friends the opportunity to congratulate them and join us at the awards luncheon where they will receive their awards.

The President's Award, as its name suggests, is selected by the current President and given to an individual or company whose commitment, support, and dedication to BOMA Silicon Valley should be recognized by the Association.

This year's recipient is Leslie Fisk. She is a Director with CBRE

For 25 years, Leslie has participated as a member of BOMA Silicon Valley. She has served on our Board of Directors as a Director, Vice President and in 2013, she served as our President. She has volunteered for many years as our Education Chairwoman, managing our RPA/FMA designation program and our schedule of annual professional workshops. 

Deeply committed to the development of the commercial real estate workforce of the future, Leslie has represented BOMA at college functions and presented workshops to our Emerging Leaders group.
The Principal of the Year Award is presented to a volunteer who has dedicated time and resources to the benefit of our local association. As with the Associate of the Year award, BOMA members are asked to nominate candidates from their ranks.  These nominees are considered and a recipient is chosen by the Board of Directors.

This year's recipient is Brian Chavez. He is an Associate Property Manager with PS Business Parks.

Brian has been a BOMA member for 5 years. He is currently the Chair of the Emerging Leaders Committee, having served on the committee for three years. While EL Chairman, he created the Emerging Leaders Dues Award which provides payment of dues fees for worthy awardees with seven years or less experience in commercial real estate.  He has contributed to on-going undergraduate student outreach efforts in the south bay. Brian is also a member of the Energy & Sustainable Management Committee.
The Associate of the Year Award recognizes the support and efforts a volunteer has given to BOMA Silicon Valley. The award has been presented annually since 1991. 

This year's recipient is Kelly Acevedo. Kelly is Marketing Director with Gidel & Kocal Construction Co., Inc.

Kelly has been a member with BOMA since 2012. In 2014 Kelly was Vice Chair for the Associates Committee. She has volunteered at the Sherie Dunn Golf Tourney, Share Your Holiday, and the TOBY awards. She has also managed or volunteered at various mixers. Her efforts in rallying support for BOMA have ensured the success of these key events.

Awards Committee Announces 2015 TOBY Award Recipients

Awards Committee Co-Chairs, Noreen Gillespie, Embarcadero Capital Partners and Randy Shuayto, Hines have announced that after judges' review of the written entries, an extensive site visit and property management team interviews, four local building entrants have achieved scores which classify them as award winners in their categories for the 2015 The Outstanding Building of the Year Award program.

These buildings and their property management teams will be honored at the October 15 Celebration of Commercial Real Estate awards luncheon at the Westin Sainte Claire in San Jose.

Please join us in congratulating the 2015 TOBY award recipients!

Awardee in the 100,000-249,999 square feet Category:
Bayland Corporation

The building is managed by a team headed by Michelle Simmons of Sleepy Hollow Management Company. The property built in 1985 is owned by Sleepy Hollow Investments. This four story 108,000 square foot Multi-Tenant, Class A building boasts spectacular views of the nearby Levi 's Stadium and Santa Clara Convention Center.

Awardee in the Corporate Facility Category:

The twelve building corporate headquarters is located in Redwood City. The complex is managed by an 11 person team headed by George Denise. The property includes office space with over 8,500 workstations, seven cafes, and a centrally located fitness center with saunas, steam rooms, an outdoor lap pool, and a wide variety of cardio and strength training equipment.

Awardee in the Industrial Office Park Category:
Zanker Business Center

Zanker Business Center is managed by Rebecca Barnes and her team from LBA Realty. The industrial complex is comprised of three single-story flex/industrial/lab use buildings totaling 241,821 rentable square feet constructed in 1973.

Awardee in the Suburban Office Park Mid-Rise Category:
America Center

The project is managed by Steelwave, with APM Caitlin Collins being given the responsibility to prepare and present this entry. America Center is the primary component of a 70 acre master planned, mixed use development site offering an environmentally-advanced campus which incorporates a 30 acre wildlife preserve.

Congratulations, TOBY awardees!

"Godzilla El Nino" is Coming! (Maybe)

The Emergency Preparedness Committee held an El Nino briefing for BOMA members at its September 2 meeting. 

EPC Co-Chair Ryan Rusler of Har-Bro Restoration led the briefing and has provided this outline to assist property managers in preparing for what many experts believe may be the worst El Nino season in decades. Additional resources may be found on the BOMA EMERGENCY page.


Insurance Coverage - Determine what is covered in your policy for each building.

  • Tenants- Generally 3rd party leases will NOT push responsibility for exterior issues to the tenants.
  • Owners- Building owners may ultimately be responsible for the majority of exterior water issues
  • Manager- The property manager will be responsible for preventative maintenance along with emergency response protocols

Property Manager's Due Diligence - Unless properly mitigated, any problems that have occurred in previous years will most likely repeat. Document past issues with pictures and reports.

Lease Agreements - Determine who is responsible for roof maintenance and upkeep. This is important when responding to a leak and ultimately paying for any damage.


Vendors - Create a relationship with all emergency leak and response vendors before an issue occurs. Sign agreements with set pricing for emergency response calls during and after hours. Have redundancy for each trade or specialty.

Roof Maintenance - Have someone look at your roof twice a year. This keeps your warranty intact with the manufacturer. If documented properly, this will alleviate liability.

Restoration Partner - Partner with a qualified restoration company before torrential rains.

  • Interview reputable companies in the industry & determine if their 24/7 response plan is good enough for your business
  • Make vendors emergency contact information accessible to anyone on your team

Landscaping - Drought resistant landscaping is very popular (i.e. mulch). Combined with hard unnourished soil, this may cause flooding issues with heavy rains. Exterior waterproofing and diversions can alleviate problems.


Emergency Supplies - It is important that you are self-sufficient during storms. Here is a list of items you can keep at your building to reduce the damage of water leaks.

  • Water diversion- Lay flat, 6 mil plastic, carpet mask, PVC piping, sand bags, buckets, trash bins, etc.
  • Absorbent - Kitty litter, saw dust, spill kit, rags, spill socks, pads, mats, etc.

Construction Supplies - If addressed within 24-48 hours, it typically takes 2-3 days to restore building material to a dry standard following a water leak. The repair phase of the project can take weeks or month to complete.

  • Have construction material on hand and readily accessible in places that are not high-risk for flooding.
  • Flooring, for instance, is most likely to be damaged during a water leak and has the longest procurement lead time. Keep flooring specs in a safe secure space that is away from a flooding hazard.
  • Other materials that are most commonly affected by water intrusion are drywall, paint, baseboard & insulation.



Articles/Industry Standards

Contact ryan.rusler@harbro.com & Follow @ryanrusler, Website- www.harbro.com