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  MAY 2015

President's Message

As I've mentioned in prior messages I really appreciate the legislative advocacy that makes BOMA stand out! Coming up in June I'll be joining BOMA-SV's Government Affairs Chair Sarahann Shapiro of Pahl & McCay and Vice president Rebecca Barnes of LBA Realty in seeing first -hand what goes on in Sacramento on behalf of commercial real estate.

The BOMA California Annual Meeting and California Commercial Real Estate Summit is June 2-3. We'll be meeting with industry leaders from across the state, meet policy makers and members of Governor Jerry Brown's administration.

I'm sure one of the main topics of discussion at this meeting will be water, or the lack of, situation. Even though I am not a Property Manager, I work closely with them as I represent their properties or bring in new tenants. Of course, a major concern is the drought. I've been hearing what the managers have to do to reduce the water usage while maintaining a quality landscape. What a challenge!! It brings back memories of the drought in the 70's and how strictly water saving was enforced.


Anti-Prop 13 Measure Launches in Sacramento

The latest effort to remove Proposition 13 protections from your properties has begun in Sacramento. Although BOMA California has been closely monitoring – and warning about – the activities of this coalition of public employee unions and other liberal groups, including many churches, for the past year, their May 7 announcement "makes it real". Here is the link to some coverage of the announcement by the Sacramento Bee.

The group backing the removal of Prop 13 protections pushes the "unfairness" of the proposition being applied to commercial property. What the group fails to take into account is the impact of such an action on small business and California's economy.

More than 60% of all real estate taxes in our state are paid by businesses. Increasing the taxes on these "working" properties will have immediate negative effects:

  • Seniors and minorities would be some of the first impacted. As apartments are classified as commercial properties, increases in real estate taxes will result in higher rents. With rents already pushing the most vulnerable out onto the streets, a split roll measure would horribly increase our housing crisis for our most vulnerable citizens.
  • Small businesses would be hardest hit by removing Prop 13 protections. Most companies with under 50 employees are renters. Increased rents would push many companies to stop hiring or eliminate positions. It is estimated that split roll would cost 396,345 jobs over the first five years.
  • The introduction of a split roll property tax would result in increased instability for local government finances, as they would become more directly susceptible to the historic bubbles in the California real estate market.

BOMA California has joined with broad coalition of business organizations fighting split roll actions. The organization, Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes, is working to educate the public and our legislators on the negative impacts of removing Prop 13 protections for our business community. 

To learn more about the negative impacts of split roll taxation and how you can take action, read the Sacramento Bee Viewpoint article by BOMA California's Rex Hime or click the link to Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes website.

TOBY Awards Kick-Off

The Outstanding Building of the Year Awards officially kicked off the local 2015 TOBYs with a workshop May 1.  Nineteen BOMA members came together to hear from Awards Chairman Randy Shuayto, Hines/Facebook, how they can receive recognition for their buildings and property management teams.

The first "lesson" of the workshop is that TOBYs are definitely not a beauty award.  The award is all about excellence in building management – handling the not-so-pretty details of their buildings in fact gains them points.

Randy talked about his own experience in entering and winning the 2014 TOBY Earth award, one of 15 categories within the program.  The group was surprised how little time preparing for the award actually requires. Randy stressed that by make the preparation a team effort – including admins, APMs, engineers and vendors – only about 10 hours was needed to pull together the brief written submission and materials required for the local competition.

The positives for entering include team-building, self-auditing of building systems and management, as well as the recognition.  Recognition will include not only showcasing your property at the Awards Luncheon this October at the Sainte Claire Hotel, but print and online announcements in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, The Registry, and the BOMA website.

Want to learn more?  The Awards Committee and BOMA staff welcome questions and would be happy to meet with you.  Check the Celebration of Commercial Real Estate page for links to TOBY forms and procedures or contact the BOMA office.

Deadline for 2015 TOBY entries is July 31.

Member Updates

The National Wildlife Federation has honored Gachina Landscape Management for its creation of a Certified Wildlife Habitat™ site – The Gachina Farm. Read about the "Farm" on BOMA's Service Provider Updates.

Mark Your Calendar

June 4
Sherie Dunn Memorial Golf Tourney
Cinnabar Hills Golf Club
Summer kicks off with our annual golf tourney!
June 18
Transportation Toolbox Workshop
181 Metro Conference Center, San Jose
Options and tips to meet trip reduction mandates.
http://www.boma-sv.org/images/roofwalk-ad2015.jpg July 9
President's Mixer
Club Auto Sport
Join President Anna Mcquillan Rose for a relaxing evening with BOMA colleagues.
July 23
Paella in the Pavilion
Napredak Hall
BOMA's Monthly Luncheon moves outdoors!
August 8
Community Clean Up Day
San Jose
Join BOMA, CREW, ASVB, and IFMA to clean up San Jose!
August 13
Summer Mixer
Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant
Music, brews and good company are featured in this event presented by the Emerging Leaders Committee.
August 20
"72 Hours" Emergency Preparedness Workshop
Sainte Claire Hotel
How do you get back to "business as usual" after a catastrophic event?  What you do in the first 72 hours may determine how and when you, your employees and tenants return to work.