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  MARCH 2017


Are you linked to the information you need? The recent flooding and road closures have reinforced the need for property managers and vendors to have the latest updates from emergency services.

During this recent crisis our partner, the California Resiliency Alliance, provided BOMA members with daily in-depth regional updates. BOMA is committed to providing these resources to our members; but we strongly advise members to sign up directly for emergency notifications.

Our Emergency Preparedness Committee has put together a variety of local, state and federal contacts of value to our members. Visit our Emergency Page for information and links to easily register to receive text or email notifications during an emergency. The time to sign up is NOW!

Rental rates, expenses, vacancy levels.

On the surface, these numbers are just columns in your spreadsheets or line items in your accounting software. But dig deeper, and you will find a story about how your building is being operated.

Share your data with BOMA International’s 2017 Office EER and Industrial EER surveys to help create commercial real estate's most trusted benchmarking resources.

Can you help?
Office/Warehouse Space Needed

The award-winning local nonprofit responsible for gracing San José’s streets, schools and parks with upwards of 65,000 shade trees over the past 20+ years is in desperate need of in-kind office space.

Our City Forest’s 40 staff and service members need either one large space or two smaller spaces/warehouses totaling at least 5,000 sq. ft. The City of San José which currently houses the non-profit has run out of room for the group.

To help, please contact Rhonda Berry at 408-799-9502 or email rberry@ourcityforest.org.

Since 1994, Our City Forest has been the leading nonprofit in Silicon Valley for urban forestry and environmental education. They have raised $10+ million in non-City funding to improve our urban forest and the health of our city.  Click here to find out more about Our City Forest and their programs.

New Members

Shawn-Patrick Smailey
Adventera, Inc.
Cheryl Garcia
Cushman & Wakefield   
Samantha Dally
Embarcadero Realty Services