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New Members!

Please welcome our newest members:

Stephanie Curtis
Voit Real Estate Services

Danielle Mello
DiNapoli Capital Partners




The Byline
  MARCH 2014

President's Message

Gizelle LambHowdy and welcome to March! Thankfully, the rain has come at last! I hope we get more because I don't want to deal with a drought! (If you want more information on Water Conservation, please go to our website and check out the Sustainability section. Our Energy & Sustainable Management Committee will have more on dealing with water issues at our April luncheon.)

Speaking of committees, I would like to welcome our new Membership committees: the Welcome Committee, chaired by Kelli Bilicki from Comfort Systems USA, and our new Recruitment Committee, co-chaired by Melissa Wood of All Seasons Roofing & Waterproofing and Rob Davis of Genesis Building Services. (Sounds like a dangerous combination!)  We are also starting up a "Keep Our Members" Retention Committee to find out why members don't renew and come up with ideas to keep them involved and members of BOMA. Past President Leslie Fisk is looking for some members to help her with the first phase: calling and surveying non-renewing Principal members. Please contact Sharon or Leslie if you would like to help!

I am happy to say that our Bowling with the Board event in February was a huge success! Thank you to Tracy Ward and the Associates Committee for all their hard work and to all the sponsors who made this event so much fun and such a success! I look forward to many more fun events this year including the President's Mixer in July!

See you at the next event and have a great month!

Gizelle Lamb, RPA/FMA

February Luncheon Covers Legal Hotspots

At BOMA's February luncheon, Attorney Todd Rothbard presented tips and key information on how property managers can keep themselves out of legal "hotwater". Rothbard, who practices exclusively in the area of landlord-tenant law, has over thirty years of experience. He has served as a judge pro tempore and has taught landlord and tenant law to various lay and professional groups, including the California Continuing Education of the Bar.

A significant portion of Rothbard's program dealt with unlawful detainers. As the numerous questions from PMs in the audience showed, this legal device is one that can be a resource or a plague for building managers, largely depending on their knowledge of and attention to details of the unlawful detainer process.

The speaker provided two great take-away handouts: "Preparation and Service of Pre-Eviction Notices (Commercial Tenancies) and Three Day Notices to Pay Rent or Quit" and "Unlawful Detainer Actions". Copies of these handouts, contact information for Mr. Rothbard, and sample fees information for handling unlawful detainer actions are available by contacting the BOMA office.

Advocacy Saves You $$

A special message from your President

Last month I told you about some of our BOMA advocacy efforts. Volunteers and staff visit with local, state and federal representatives to make sure our needs and concerns are heard.

And our Advocacy saves BOMA Members money: Last year BOMA saved each member $3.50 per sf by defeating or pushing through amendments to just five (5) code proposals!  In 2013, BOMA Cal alone followed more than 250 bills that had a potential impact on our industry. Many of those bills did not make it through the process or were amended in a way that resolved our concerns. Now, the cycle starts over again! They are reading every bill and currently working on identifying the issues that will potentially impact our industry. 

As you go about your business, talking with colleagues at work lunches, reading newsletters from real estate organizations you are involved with, or while talking to local policymakers, if you hear of any bill that concerns you, please feel free to send a note to Matthew Hargrove, our BOMA Cal lobbyist. Include the bill number, or just the subject matter, and he will research it.

Gizelle Lamb, RPA/FMA

EER Deadline Approaching

There is still time to complete the Experience and Exchange Report before the March 31 deadline! 

What is the EER?  For nearly a century, BOMA's Experience Exchange Report (EER) has been the industry's most trusted benchmarking resource—thanks to the thousands of property professionals who share their data each year. That's why your participation in the 2014 EER Survey is so important.

Sharing your building data is a smart business decision. When you complete the survey, you will:

  • Receive a free Expense Performance Comparison report, which assesses how your building compares to its market peers.
  • Gain priority access to the 2014 EER report—and receive deep discounts on your subscription.
  • Fulfill a prerequisite for applying, maintaining or renewing your building in the BOMA 360 Performance Program®.
  • Help the EER more accurately benchmark your market and asset type, which will allow you to more accurately budget, track expenses and operational trends and plan for the future.

Sharing your data is easy.

  • Any office building can submit 2013 year–end income and expense data, regardless of whether or not the building is owned or managed by a BOMA member.
  • The online submission form is intuitive and interactive, allowing most respondents to complete the survey in about 30 minutes.
  • No need to complete the whole survey at once. Save your answers as you go and return to the form as many times as needed before the March 31 deadline.
  • Submitting your data is absolutely free.

Your information will be kept in strictest confidence and only market-level summary statistics will be made public.

Don't forget: The deadline to share your data is March 31, 2014.

Picture This...

BOMA Committees and the Board of Directors are planning over 40 programs and events this year for our members and the commercial real estate community.  A huge undertaking!  (And yes…they are looking for a few good men and women to help make it all happen. More about that later.)

But first, based on my "click" reports for the BOMA website, many of you may not know that our intrepid photographer Kent Goetz of Performance Air Service, Inc. posts most of our events' pictures within a day or two of the event. 

Want to check out the smiling faces of BOMA event attendees?  (Or see if your 15 minutes of fame has started?)  On our website www.boma-sv.org go to the top blue bar. Click the NETWORKING / Photo Gallery link and there you are.

I mention this not just to drive traffic to an under-viewed part of our website and to acknowledge Kent's hard work, but to show off the amazing variety of programming and events your BOMA offers.  Whatever your reasons for joining BOMA, our Committees are putting on an activity for it.

Want to build your professional network?  Try our Associates Night Trade Show or a Mixer.  Or better yet join a committee!  Members tell us time and again that they really didn't get to know some of the "just names" until they worked side by side on a committee.

Want to expand your knowledge of CRE?  Whether you just want updates on issues that impact your business or have specific education objectives, our programs cover the bases:  Workshops, lunch programs, and professional designation classes offer formats to meet every schedule and pocketbook.

Don't see something you want or need?  Give me call or better yet, contact one of our Committee Chairs.  We are always looking for ideas.

Thanks for being part of BOMA!

Sharon Fredlund, your BOMA Association Executive

Member Updates

Congratulations to Arborwell for being named to Inc. Magazine's 'Build 100' List, a group of U.S. businesses who have managed to maintain consistent growth and increased headcount for five consecutive years. 
BOMA Silicon Valley thanks Gina Donaldson for her generous donation of office supplies. Her early spring cleaning and subsequent donation of Avery products was a big windfall for BOMA.