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  JANUARY 2017

President's Message

Welcome to 2017! A fresh New Year is once again upon us. I'm excited to have the opportunity to serve as your local President for BOMA Silicon Valley along with an outstanding group of individuals that serve on the board. I'm thankful for all of our previous successes but I'm looking forward to a fresh new year. As one of my favorite comedians Craig Shoemaker always says "Erase, erase, erase".

On January 20, 2017 our nation will swear in our 45th President. No matter our personal feeling of this outcome we all need to work together to ensure our Nation continues to be great. 

As William Arthur Ward wrote "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails". My sails will be taking me to the BOMA 2017 Winter Business meeting at the end of the month in beautiful San Diego, CA. We have a jam packed 4 days of focus groups, committee and board meetings that are sure to provide fruitful information that I can bring back to our community. 

As always our goal is to bring our members great and informative programs, relevant education to further your learning and networking opportunities within all of our members.

Once again I'm grateful for this opportunity and cheers to a magnificent new year!

The Next Network: Transit Changes in Silicon Valley

We all are aware that traffic and transportation issues are an ongoing challenge to doing business and living in Silicon Valley. Citizens in the South Bay overwhelmingly passed a tax to improve a variety of transportation avenues in our area. 

But even before the new Measure B changes and improvements are implemented, the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has been evaluating and revising its public transit service plan to achieve three goals: 1. increase transit ridership, 2. improve fare box recovery, and 3. efficiently connect BART to Milpitas and Berryessa.

VTA's "Next Network" project is a comprehensive redesign of the county's public transit network, including connections to Caltrain, San Jose Airport, and other regional transportation hubs. In January, the VTA Board approved a draft proposed plan, which is currently being widely circulated for public review and input. Based on community feedback, the draft plan will be updated and presented to the VTA Board for further review and approval, with service changes to go into effect this fall.

Currently, VTA's transit system allocates roughly 70% of its service to routes with the highest ridership, and 30% of service to routes that ensure wider service coverage, primarily serving more suburban and rural parts of our County. After extensive study of what service designs have been most successful in other parts of the country with similar land use and demographics, as well as conducting outreach to obtain public input, the VTA Board directed staff to propose a new transit system with an 85/15 split between ridership and coverage. This proposed plan is what is currently being circulated for comment, and can be viewed on the Next Network project webpage, at nextnetwork.vta.org

How does this effect you, your staff, and tenants?

The proposed plan changes or deletes some bus routes, increases frequency on several popular transit routes, and targets coordination between types of transit (bus, BART, light rail and Caltrain). This may mean different route choices for current riders and increased frequency may mean transit now becomes an option to fit into work schedules.

What can you do?

  • Participate in the public hearings.  Encourage your tenants to comment on the changes and their impact on their transit use.
  • Inform your staff and tenants about the proposed plan. Spread the word in newsletters, message boards and other means. VTA has a draft route map flyers, public meeting and webinar schedule, and general information you can duplicate or send to staff and tenants.

BOMA Partners with the Business Journal on Business of Commercial Real Estate Program

In one of several joint program and advertising ventures, BOMA is joining ASVB and CREW to provide speakers for the Silicon Valley Business Journal's the Business of Commercial Real Estate on February 9 at Villa Ragusa in Campbell.

Matthew Hargrove, BOMA California's lobbyist and the Senior VP of Government Affairs for the California Business Properties Association will join CREW Past President Claudia Folzman of Iron Construction and ASVB president Joe Moriarty, Partner of CBRE Northern California Institutional Group, on a panel discussing what they foresee for CRE in 2017.

Registration and sponsorship opportunities are now open for this great event!

Member Updates

Congratulations, Gachina Landscape Management, from your colleagues at BOMA Silicon Valley!

Gachina Landscape Management has won two coveted "Grand Awards" for landscape and environmental excellence at the 47th Annual Awards and Recognition Celebration sponsored by the National Association of Landscape Contractors (NALP).

The program is designed to reward independent landscape, lawn care, and interior plantscaping professionals who execute superior projects.

The two award winning properties are Rosewood Sand Hill, a 5-star hotel in Menlo Park, and a Los Altos Hills private estate.