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BOMA Has $$$ for You

$$ for Education
Did you know that Sherie Dunn Memorial Scholarships are now offered quarterly?  BOMA has money to pay for your RPA or FMA class, a BOMA SV workshop or even a CA BRE renewal class!  First quarterly deadline is March 31.
Click here to learn more and apply.
BOMI offers the J. Bradley Kennedy Scholarship for RPA and FMA classes.  The scholarship provides an educational opportunity for a deserving individual who is currently entering, pursuing, or engaged in a career in the property or facility management industries who demonstrate a financial need. Deadline is April 1.
Click here to learn more and apply.
$$ for Professional Development
Attend the BOMA International Annual Conference in Nashville!  The J. Michael Coleman Scholarship from the BOMA Foundation is open to BOMA members who are emerging professionals. It pays for registration and other costs to attend BOMA International’s Annual Conference and Expo. Five scholarships will be awarded for the June 24-27, 2017 event in Nashville. Application deadline is April 1.
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Recap of BOMA International and BOMA California Winter Business Meetings

The BOMA International Winter Business Meeting in San Diego, January 24-31, was the best attended in the past 10 years per our BOMA International Chairman Brian Harnetiaux.  BOMA SV President Olga Ornelas attended the conference as our delegate. She was joined by Government Affairs Chair Sarahann Shapiro, and past presidents Rebecca Barnes and Anna Mcquillan Rose, who represented BOMA SV at the BOMA Cal meetings held during the conference. Below is a recap by the attendees of the various meetings and programs:

Government Affairs Meeting – The meeting featured guest speaker Congressman Scott Peters. He talked about the current state of the federal government, the concerns that most people in California share and how he plans to keep things moving along. The overall sentiment was with the change of government a few of BOMA initiatives that were submitted last year will be put on hold.

Energy Policy was updated and will be sent to Senate again for approval. Tax reform is being finalized to present to Congress. The goal with the ADA will be to provide owners a cure time before any lawsuits could be initiated. The Energy & Environment Committee will be rolling out a new benchmark to help owners with the management of Water & Waste. Beta is in test and official roll out will occur during the June Conference.

BOMA PAC did not meet its goal in 2016 by a few thousand dollars. Their goal for 2017 is $65K which is higher than last year. The asked to have 6 chapters to commit prior to leaving the meeting to raising $500 to $1K this year. Last year the biggest contributor was BOMA San Francisco with a donation of $10K.

In new business an interesting topic was how legalized Marijuana is affecting real estate. BOMA Denver talked about their experience over the last 5 years.

Keynote Luncheon - The luncheon was very interesting. Speaker Paul Taylor talked about everything from our generational gaps in the workplace, to interracial families becoming a norm and how this country is moving toward becoming majority non-white country. He presented a slide show with interesting facts which were very engaging.

Membership Development Meeting – We had a round table session and talked amongst ourselves about best practices and struggles. After the round table session all tables talked about their top idea. It is clear that all markets are experiencing the same concerns. Lack of new membership and minimal participation of current members. Attendees asked for BOMA Int’l materials available to us online which could be easily extrapolated for local use. Although current information provided is good it does not always relate to everyone’s market.

BOMA California Board Meeting - Ruben Barrales, President and CEO of GROW Elect was our speaker. He gave his opinions about the state of California politics.  He commented on the concerns around California’s pension obligations, retiree benefits, and poverty rates. The primary financial concern is expected to be the funding for the Affordable Care Act, as $17.5 B came to California for ACA, helping to ensure coverage for 5 Million + people.

The BOMA Cal 2017 Budget was approved. Overall, the budget is flat.
In 2016, BOMA-SV Dues to BOMA Cal were $22,734. In 2017, they are $31,719.

Overall BOMA Cal PAC contributions were $18,085 in 2016 with BOMA SV contributing $1,975 of that. $39,600 was disbursed to candidates in 2016, and $4,022 was paid out for administrative costs, bringing the PAC Cash on Hand to $19,264 as of 1/1/17.  PAC has already received several requests for donations this year.

The deadline for Legislative bills is 2/17/17. Bills have been trickling in and BOMA Cal has reviewed those to determine our position on those pertinent to our industry. Many more proposed bills are anticipated as the deadline approaches.

ADA lawsuits are a continuing concern, and legislation is anticipated at the Federal level, hopefully to mirror the process that has been established for the State of California.

With the Democratic super majorities in both of our California State houses, there are concerns that Prop 13 or Split Roll taxes will resurface this year without the backstop we previously had with Republicans in the houses.  Parcel taxes are also a major concern for 2017.

They are Looking for YOU!
Save money, time, and increase your property value.

If your commercial property falls in the green area of this map, local environmental nonprofit, Our City Forest, has a grant that can help your business! (Click on the image for interactive map.)

If it does, apply today!

  • Receive wholesale prices on quality 15-gallon shade trees.  
  • Receive tree monitoring services for first 3 years.
  • If 10+ are ordered, they can deliver and plant for free.

You just agree that the tree(s) will be cared for by filling out a Tree Stewardship Application and sending it to trees@ourcityforest.org. (Click link for pdf.)

If your business is interested in seeing a return on investment, then plant a tree and literally watch the value grow! Trees are one of the few assets that increase in value as they age. Along with other landscaping, trees can increase your property value by 15-20%! Planted in the right place, trees could help your business save 20-50% on gas & electric bills.

Our City Forest is a community-driven organization that can also help you achieve Environmental and Sustainability goals for the BOMA 360 Performance Program.

  • Trees are stormwater managers - they help with runoff and capture water with their roots to return to the ground rather than puddle up.
  • Trees reduce traffic speed if planted along roads and parking lots.

Our City Forest (OCF) has been greening the Silicon Valley since 1994 and can provide you with more than just trees. They have a Community Nursery that grows over 450 species of drought-tolerant and native plants. Learn more about OCF at ourcityforest.org.

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