March 20
Budgeting Essentials Workshop
April 4
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Budgeting & Accounting
April 12
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April 26
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May 3
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  MARCH 2018

President's Message

Have you shared your data with the 2018 EER survey? Please visit eer.boma.org to share your buildings data today. Data needs to be entered by March 30th. With all the budgets and CAMs we’ve just done, completing the EER should be easy.

The Mystery Mixer was a HUGE success. We had over 100 attendees!  This was our first time with this event and it was a great success due to the efforts of our Associates Committee. Thank you to the Committee for putting on such a fun, exciting, successful event. And thank you to our “actors”!

Are you working towards your RPA? We are offering Budgeting & Accounting in April. Sign up today. And if you have not used your $250 education credit that is included with your membership dues, use that towards your April class!

Don’t forget to put the Associates Night Trade Show on your calendar! It is on Thursday, April 12th from 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. There is a chance to win $1,500 in prizes! Will it be you? Register today! 

It’s that time of year to start thinking about entering the TOBY’s. Is it your year? Ready to enter your building? As a two time recipient, I assure you it is a rewarding experience for your entire team.

For all upcoming events, scholarship opportunities and educational classes, please visit our website at http://www.boma-sv.org/

President, BOMA Silicon Valley

Mystery Solved!

Over 100 BOMA “detectives” came together on March 8 to catch the killer at the Mystery Mixer.  Associates Committee Chairman Steven Delmonico and his committee put together a great evening of suspects, clues, and fun. 

With a grand prize of 4 Disneyland tickets and $500 cash at stake, attendees searched the “faux” Associates Night Trade Show* for clues and interviewed the seven suspects: 

Guy Lines, the cheerful and friendly Asset Manager
played by Mike Ybarra, Interstate Restoration.

Maddy Lines, a fearful organizer
played by Vickie Banti.

Ollie Day, enthusiastic BOMA Associate member
played by Chris Nyberg, Century Commercial Service.

May Day, another BOMA Associate member
played by Jeannie Nyberg, American Asphalt.

Lee Sorsale, broker and ruthless businesswoman
played by Kelly Acevedo, Gidel & Kocal Construction.

Neil Duprais, a property manager and the Sherie Dunn Scholarship Chair
played by Matt Ybarra, Baker’s Floor & Surface.

Winona Cases, smartest and most sophisticated real estate attorney in Silicon Valley
played by Betsy Esquival, Restoration Management Company.

* The “real” Associates Night Trade Show is coming up on April 12 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara!

Click here for the solution to the mystery presented by Detective Dick Lacey, played by Jeff Hurley, StatcommCongratulations to Grand Prize Winner Luis Rosas from Hines for successfully solving the crime!

Congratulations Mixer Committee for an outstanding job! 
Steven Delmonico, Veritiv
Vickie Banti
Betsy Esquival, Restoration Management Company
Diana Le-Bearby, Century Commercial Service
Christian Pellecchia, Slatter Construction
Christine Arneson, Advanced Restoration

Mandatory Annual Energy Benchmarking begins June 1, 2018

AB 802 is a statewide requirement for California building owners to benchmark their building’s energy usage and report it to the State of California. The State will then publish this data online so that owners can see how each building compares to its peers.

Do I have to Comply?
If you own or manage a building that is 50,000 square feet or more, you must conduct an Energy Benchmark annually to comply with AB 802.  Exceptions include new buildings that have received a Certificate of Occupancy within 12 months of the due date, and also multi-family buildings with less than 17 combined utility accounts (including tenant and owner accounts).

What Are the Deadlines?
The first deadline is on June 1, 2018.  It is mandated to submit an ENERGY STAR® Benchmark report for the 2017 calendar year. Thereafter, annual benchmarks are due every June 1st. 

Note: The first deadline for multifamily buildings is on June 1, 2019.

How Do I Comply?
AB 802 requires annual energy consumption reports from each building.  Building owners must authorize their utility provider to record and upload their building’s energy data to EPA’s Portfolio Manager, a reporting tool that allows building owners to compare their building’s energy efficiency with similar buildings.

Where Can I Get Help?
Vert Energy Group built www.AB802Benchmark.com to be a powerful online tool that simplifies the compliance process for building owners and managers.  It eliminates the need to coordinate between various utility companies to obtain whole-building energy consumption data, inputting that data into ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager, and then submitting the proper documentation to the AB 802 reporting agency. 

Your Questions on the 2017 Office Standard Answered

For more than a century, BOMA has set the standard for measuring office buildings, starting with the publication of the first “Office Measurement Standard” in 1915. BOMA 2017 for Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1—2017) is the latest update to the office standard. 

BOMA's upcoming webinar, BOMA 2017 Office Standard: Terminology Defined, addresses updates to the standard’s terminology, including renamed, removed, evolved and entirely new concepts.

Join speakers Susan Engstrom, BOMA Fellow, FMA, RPA; David Fingret; Rebecca Hanner, BOMA Fellow, CPA, RPM; and Garett Naff, AIA, on Tuesday, March 20, at 2pm Eastern as they explain the changes from the 2010 version to the 2017 Office Standard. Advanced registration includes a copy of the 2017 Office Standard e-book.

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