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Green Purchasing Workshop
August 1-3
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August 23
Summer Mixer

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  JUNE 2018

President's Message

When I lived in Phoenix, Arizona I was very involved in BOMA Phoenix. I chaired numerous committees and sat on the Board of Directors BOMA Phoenix for 4 years.

About 3 ½ years ago I decided to move back to Northern California. I hoped to get involved in BOMA quickly as that was a big part of my life and career. I lived and worked in Redwood Shores, so I had to find my new BOMA Chapter.  Would it be BOMA SF or BOMA SV?  I quickly figured out that BOMA SV was the chapter I wanted to be a part of! So Shawn Kelly connected me with Sharon and said “Get involved!”

On July 9, 2015 I went to my first BOMA SV Mixer. I was greeted by many new faces, but nothing compared to the friendly greeting I received from Sharon Fredlund and Diane Rebecchi. These two ladies went out of their way to introduce me around the room, get to know me and make me feel at home at my new BOMA Chapter.

Since that mixer, I have had the opportunity to build a relationship with Sharon. She helped me get up to speed on EVERYTHING BOMA SV. She welcomed me to the BOMA Board, then BOMA VP and now BOMA President. I would not be where I am in BOMA SV without Sharon’s advice, guidance and friendship.

Sharon has been a part of BOMA SV since 1993. I appreciate all she has contributed to BOMA SV over the years. She will be missed by many, but definitely by me.

Congrats on your retirement Sharon! It is well deserved!

Photo from that First BOMA SV mixer in July 2015!

President, BOMA Silicon Valley

2018 Golf Tourney

Golf Chairs Noreen Gillespie, Orchard Commercial and James Sandoval, J &J Air Conditioning, put on a great day at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club on June 7. 

With many thanks to the outstanding and generous sponsors!  We especially wish to recognize our Main Event Sponsor again this year, BrightView Landscape Services and our Memorial Sponsor DWS.

BOMA thanks the outstanding team of volunteers who helped make this event happen:

2018 Tournament Committee
Co-Chair: Noreen Gillespie, Orchard Commercial

Co-Chair: James Sandoval, J &J Air Conditioning

Logistics: Terry Riecken, CMD Builders

Volunteer Coordinator: Angela Mueller, Briggs Development

LaToya Ross, Hudson Pacific Properties

Deanna Rubio, Therma
Christine Arneson, Advanced Restoration DKI
Melissa Wood, All Seasons Roofing & Waterproofing

Raffles & Goodie Bags:
Olga Ornelas, Swift Real Estate Partners
Jaydee DeLuca, Cushman & Wakefield

Shirt Coordinator: Tracy Ward, JLL

VOLUNTEERS:  Dennis Carelli, Frank Quintanar, David Butt, Britta Peterson, Kim Yglesias, Whitney Zobac, Julie Carranza-Bailey, Adam Yanes, Joanna Arrieta, Gina Goswick, Lynette Saenz, Ethel Olivares, Rebecca Barnes, Alissa Hall, Ali Acosta, Christie Robles, Melissa Wilcox, Persis McGinn, Martha Black, Samantha Dally, Kelly Karch, Michael Ybarra, and Betsy Esquivel

Hazardous Waste Disposal for Small Businesses

Does your business or property use any of the following materials?

  • Fluorescent lightbulbs, thermometers, or batteries
  • Paints, stains, or paint-related materials
  • Landscaping or pest control chemicals
  • Automotive fluids
  • Acids, bases, oxidizers, or solvents
  • Propane tanks or aerosol cans
  • Small laboratory or research facility wastes

These and other flammable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic materials are classified as hazardous waste and cannot be thrown in the garbage. Santa Clara County businesses that generate small quantities of hazardous waste can properly dispose of these materials at a drop-off facility through the County’s economical Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG) program.

Per state and federal regulations, CESQG applies to businesses that generate less than 220 pounds, or 27 gallons of hazardous waste per month, or less than 2.2 pounds of Extremely Hazardous Waste per month. There are many building owners and property managers that regularly use the CESQG program to dispose of fluorescent lightbulbs, paint, and other materials. Nonprofits and apartment managers may also qualify.

Call (800) 207-8222 or visit hhw.org and click on the link in the Business section to learn more about this cost-effective program or to obtain a quote.

If your business or property generates larger amounts of hazardous waste, visit recyclestuff.org for helpful resources.