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President's Message

Thank you for allowing me to represent BOMA Silicon Valley at the BOMA International Winter Business Meeting in Washington DC last month.

I was able to attend a BOMA 360 International committee meeting. At this meeting I heard about the success of BOMA 360 and how important it is for managers to register their buildings in BOMA EER for Office and Industrial Buildings. This tool is the most comprehensive benchmarking resource we have within our industry. But in order to provide this critical resource to our industry we need all of you to share your data with the 2018 EER survey. Please visit eer.boma.org to share your buildings data today. Data needs to be entered by March 30th.

At the Board of Governor’s Meeting we heard from committee chairs for BOMA International. The Emerging Professionals are off to a quick start since BOMA International added a Board seat for an Emerging Professional in 2017.  They are starting to form their committee, which will engage emerging professionals nationally to get involved at an earlier stage in their career. The PAC update reported that our PAC fundraising efforts got off to a strong start at the Winter Business Meeting for 2018.

Be sure to RSVP to the February lunch! All four quarterly luncheons are included in your 2018 dues. If you cannot make it to a luncheon, you can gift your lunch to a property management colleague. Just let the BOMA office know who you are gifting it to!  http://www.boma-sv.org/events/luncheon-feb2018.html

President, BOMA Silicon Valley

Advocacy Update: BOMA SV in DC

Report by Government Affairs Chairwoman Sarahann Shapiro, Pahl & McCay

Tiffany Lauchlan, Rebecca Barnes and I were pleased to represent BOMA Silicon Valley in Washington, D.C., at the BOMA International National Issues Conference in January.  BOMA International was in D.C. to lobby on three issues this year.

First and foremost was HR 620, the bill to reform the Americans with Disabilities Act to require notice to the property owner of the construction related defects alleged to create barriers and to give the property owner and tenant a period of time to correct the defects before a lawsuit can be filed. California already has similar protections, but professional plaintiffs have been circumventing those protections by filing in Federal Courts. I am pleased to be able to report that this bill has passed in the House of Representatives and is now moving over to the Senate.  We will continue to work hard for the passage of this important legislation.

We also addressed the need to maintain the EnergyStar system and to add funding for it to the Federal budget.  The draft of the budget in place at the time of the NIC had removed the funding for the program.  The program is vital to California as we use that system for our benchmarking and as a standard against which we measure efficiencies. Since there is a lot more work to be done on the Federal budget, we do not know yet how this will progress.

Finally, we urged our legislators to support infrastructure projects because of the severe negative impact that failing roads, bridges, dams and other infrastructure problems are having on our economy. While many people say that infrastructure spending is a very good thing, few specific proposals have been put forward, so we hope to see some new ones in the coming year.

During our visit, we met with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, who represents the heart of downtown San Jose to discuss our issues.  We were able to provide her with useful information on HR 620 and we also answered some questions she had about upcoming issues, most notably about the gas tax.

We also joined with members from the other BOMA locals in California to meet with staff members for both Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Kamala Harris. It was a great opportunity to educate these staff members about commercial real estate and particularly about the often frivolous ADA suits that many of our members are experiencing. We hope that those meetings will have a positive impact as ADA reform moves to the Senate.

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This is a great promotion to share with your employees and tenants!

Member Updates

BOMA Silicon Valley welcomes these new members:

Gino Guidi, Zone 4 Construction
Vanessa Reyes, SteelWave, LLC
Mark Miltimore, Kilroy Realty Corporation

Congratulations to these BOMA members on their new positions:

Stephanie Espiritu-Bender, bkm Management Co.
Gizelle Lamb, Almaden Plaza