Membership Dues

Why join BOMA? When your property owner or asset manager asks you why they should pay your dues, there is an $$ answer!  Click here to learn how joining BOMA not only enhances your career, but significantly impacts the ROI for your buildings and your company.

For all membership categories, the primary business function of the member must meet the definition provided.

Principal Membership

The member's primary job function must be as a building owner, property manager (all levels), facility manager, building engineer or leasing agent.

The benefits included in ALL Principal Membership categories are:

  • Full membership in BOMA International, BOMA California and BOMA Silicon Valley
  • Mandatory International Industry Defense Fund fee
  • FREE Attendance at the 4 quarterly BOMA SV luncheons is included.
  • Member discounts at all BOMA SV events
  • $250.00 credit towards any one RPA course
  • Member discounts for any BOMA International publications, EER, classes, or webinars
  • Member may participate in the TOBY awards, BOMA 360 or any recognition program run at local, state or international level
  • May sit on Committees or the Board at the local, California or International levels

Primary Principal  $1000
First member joining BOMA from a company.

Additional Principals from the same Company   $750
For the second + members joining BOMA SV from the same company as the Primary Principal.

Student    $750
A student member must be registered in a BOMI designation program: RPA, FMA or SMA.  To continue as a student member, a minimum of one course must be completed in the prior year. The student member may not be counted as the Primary (first member) from a company with multiple members.

Non-Profit/Government  $750

Associate Membership

Associate membership is for those companies whose primary business function is to provide service or materials to commercial real estate. Associate Membership is by Company. 

Associate Company Membership :    $1750

  • The "company" holds/owns the membership.
  • One company representative is listed in the BOMA SV Directory, the online Buyers Guide, votes for the Associate Board representative, and may sit on committees.
  • ALL personnel from the member company receive the member rate to all BOMA events.
  • Only personnel from BOMA SV Associate Member companies may attend the quarterly luncheons!  Non-member vendors cannot register or attend.

Here are the benefits included in the Associate Company dues:

  • Full Membership in BOMA Silicon Valley, BOMA International, and BOMA California. (One Company Representative is listed and is the contact for the membership.)
  • Includes member discounts at all BOMA SV events for all personnel from your company
  • Mandatory International Industry Defense Fund fee included
  • Attendance at the 4 quarterly BOMA SV luncheons for the one Company Representative is included.  Non-member vendors will not be able to register for these luncheons.

One time administrative processing fee:     $200

Complete an application to be placed on the Waiting List. Send no payment at this time.

Buyers Guide Upgrade (Website Link):    $200 Annually

All Associate and Principal members have the option of having a basic listing on the BOMA SV Buyers Guide free of charge. For this additional annual fee, your company logo will be added and linked to your website. This is a great way to drive traffic to your website and improve your SEO.

Use our online registration form above or print the Membership Application and return it to the BOMA office with your payment and we’ll start your member services immediately.


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