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Associate membership is for those companies whose primary business function is to provide service or materials to commercial real estate. Associate Membership is by Company.

Principal membership applicants, please complete the form below. ┬áBOMA Silicon Valley dues are annual. January 1-December 31, 2018 dues information is listed here.

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General Purpose sq ft
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Industrial sq ft
Suburban Office Park (Land >5 acres/located outside CBD) sq ft
Corporate Facility (50% Single Corporate Use) sq ft
Retail Center sq ft
Government (50% Government use) sq ft
Historic (50+ years old) sq ft
Other sq ft
Total Number of Buildings Managed
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If no, provide the name of lead below. This will prevent duplicating "square footage managed" statistics.  
As a part of your listing in the BOMA Silicon Valley Buyers' Guide, we identify companies providing "Green" services and/or products. If you do provide these resources, do you want to be listed as such?
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By submitting this application, you agree to become a member of BOMA Silicon Valley and will be responsible for the applicable membership dues. You can pay this online after you click the SEND button.

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Note: Dues are not deductible as a charitable expense but may be deductable as a business expense, according to the IRS. Please consult your tax professional for further details.


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