Jul 4 BOMA Office CLOSED
July 14 BOMA & Bauer Earthquakes Outing
Jul 15 Joint IFMA, CREW & BOMA Clean-up Day
Jul 27 Meeting/Review of 2018 Budget Drafts
Jul 28 TOBY Entry Deadline
Aug 1 Dues Award Application Deadline
Aug 15 TOBY Judging Day
Aug 17 Emerging Leaders Summer Mixer
Aug 23 Joint BOD & Committee Chairs Meeting/BUDGET Review
Aug 24-26 High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles
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TBD Construction Management Workshop
Sep 4 BOMA Office CLOSED
Sep 20-23 Fundamentals of Facilities Management
Sep 21 Third Quarter Luncheon
Creating “Win-Win” Transportation Solutions for CRE
Sep 27 BOD Meeting
Sep 29 Sherie Dunn Scholarship Application Deadline
TBD Building Codes Workshop
TBD Emergency Preparedness Workshop
TBD Business Journal Structures Event
Oct 12-14 High-Performance Sustainable Building Practices
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Oct 13 Celebration of Commercial Real Estate Awards Luncheon
Oct 25 Joint BOD & Committee Chairs Meeting/2016 Calendar Planning
Oct 25-28 BAE Conference…Washington, D.C. 
TBD Fall Mixer
Nov 3 Ethics is Good Business
Nov 10 BOMA Office CLOSED
Nov 16 Fourth Quarter Luncheon
Nov 23-24 BOMA Office CLOSED
TBD 2017-2018 BOD/Committee Chairs Planning Meeting
Dec 1 Share Your Holiday Luncheon
Dec 7-8 Strategic Issues Conference/BOMA Cal Board Mtg, Napa
Dec 25 BOMA Office CLOSED
Dec 29 Sherie Dunn Scholarship Application Deadline
Feb 15-17 High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments
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