Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Adopted by the Board of Directors May 27, 2015

The mission of BOMA/Silicon Valley is to represent and promote the interests of the Silicon Valley commercial real estate industry through leadership, advocacy, education, professional development and cultivation of relationships. 

Strategic Planning Attendees

Past Presidents: Liz Walker, Leslie Fisk, and Gizelle Lamb

Officers: Anna Mcquillan Rose, President; Rebecca Barnes, Vice President; Olga Ornelas, Treasurer; Kristen Schneider, Secretary

Board Members: Gizelle Lamb, Immediate Past President; Persis McGinn, Associate Representative; Noreen Gillespie, Director

BAE: Sharon Fredlund, Executive Director

Membership – Recruit, Retain, Increase Participation of Principal Members

Objective #1: Increase Principal Membership to Improve Membership Ratio and Provide Market Strength

Add 5 new Principal Members per year, over prior year-end total.

Objective #2: Retain Current Membership Base—both Principal and Associate
2016 = 75%
2017 = 80%
2018 = 85%
2019 = 90%

Objective #3:  Raise the profile of BOMA/Silicon Valley by

  • Being recognized as the voice of the commercial real estate industry in Silicon Valley
    • 2016: Membership:  Develop outreach program to RPA Grads to capitalize on them as an advertising resource.
    • Education: Increase student participation in Designation & Workshops by 5% per year.
  • Increasing public awareness and the strength of the BOMA brand by communicating image, community involvement, and accomplishments
    • Continue Media Partnerships with The Registry and Silicon Valley Business Journal, 4 ads per year.
    • Increase Public Awareness through a minimum of 4 "Joint Event" program/involvement with San Jose Chamber, SVLG, CREW, IFMA and NAIOP per year.

Objective #4: Provide the association with a new generation of membership and the membership with a new generation of qualified workers

Workforce Development; look at devising online presence with college students.  2016: 1 school.  2017:  Evaluate effectiveness of online presence through page click rates, # of student contacts.  2018: Expand online program to more schools in the South Bay. 

Objective #5: Be recognized as the premier provider of all levels of CRE education in Silicon Valley

2016-2019: Increase 5% each year the number of participants in Education Programs (workshops/designation classes)
2016: Develop Internship Bank. 
2017 Implement Internship Bank & revise as needed for Silicon Valley area schools.         

Objective #6: Actively promote members return on investment (ROI) for dues by publicizing legislative victories and the bottom line savings to members

Utilize information from BOMA California and BOMA International.
2016: Create Communication Taskforce
2016: Provide method to present BOMA Int'l and Cal information to non-reported members.

Objective #7: Engage members as active participants through involvement as volunteers for the association

2016 - Determine minimum standards for membership and committee involvement.  New members to be required to volunteer on a committee.
2017 – Develop plan to provide information to members. Develop involvement reward plan.
2018 – and each year thereafter, Open House for committee participants.

Finances – Enhance the Financial Position and Stability of the Association

Objective #1: With a long-term goal of 6 months operating expenses + replacement value of capital goods, add a minimum of $50,000 to the Reserves by 2020.  ($12,500 per year)

Objective #2: Raise non-dues education, program and event revenue

2016 – Brainstorming new ideas to add non-dues income.

  1. Implement pre-paid program luncheons
  2. Include participants in education/workshop programs.

2017 – Assess and research non-dues options for 2018.


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